A galaxy-wide war has raged for nearly a century. Humans and their allies fight an ancient alien race which turns helpless survivors into an army of mindless drones. With governments unable or unwilling to protect humanity at large, the burden fell on private military contractors to fight back the threat. The Foxglove Corporation led the way.

While fleeing a ruthless mob boss, a group of misunderstood criminals, led by Skyler Jones, stumbles upon an abandoned Foxglove cruiser: the DSS Velocity, a beautiful starship that mysteriously vanished three years earlier.

Adopting the identities of Velocity’s former crew, Skyler and her team attempt to save one of their own, but end up finding solace aboard the ship – until they unwittingly find themselves in the exact wrong place, caught between two sides in the greatest war the stars have ever seen.

Infinite Velocity is a new science fiction space adventure available in print through and in digital formats on Kindle and Nook.